Saturday, October 20, 2001

fix - to eat. origin: people say that eating fixes you. Well, actually, I say that. But there is a saying "To fix you something to eat." So there is some sort of connection. other forms: to be fixed - full

ex. "I'm fixed."

Friday, October 19, 2001

blag- blogging to get something off your chest. Also could refer to a more heartfelt rant. ex. "I had been agonizing over whether I should finally break it off with Urkel. After I blagged about the whole mess, I felt better."
Nelson Rockefellerism - The way foreign language speakers must completely break accent and flow of speech when forced to use English names or phrases.
"Est-ce que tu parle avec Nelson Rockefeller aujourd'hui?"

Thursday, October 18, 2001

nastacean - a particularly rude and/or offensive individual. (from 'nasty' and 'crustacean.') ex.: "that freaking nastacean tried to touch my ass on the subway."
alison duboising - when you are making a mistake that you have already claimed is not the kind of mistake you make. Like, when you say you have excellent editing skills, and follow that with major and obvious typoes. Wev'e all don it. Eveen me. But it doesn't mean I'm not alison duboising.
funney- a less broad version of "funny". An asshole telling you off and then tripping and landing on his face is funny. A father getting hit in the crotch by a baseball, thrown by his punk kid, is just cliched and lame. But funney is the kind of honest amusement that causes you to dispense soda through your nose- but at the same time not feeling lame for laughing afterwards. Sometimes known as the "thinking person's funny". Hard to explain, really. You just know it when you hear/see it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

toafy n.
bastardization of today. used to express today in the most disinterested way possible (can often be equated with 'someday')
e.g. 'I guess I should pay that bill toafy' or 'That project should really get done toafy'
shizzit - pseudo jive for shit. ex. Man, this is the shizzit . . .
Snirky - while smirky is a funny mean comment said in a funny mean yet friendly way and snarky is just plain mean (though funnyish) and not so friendly, this is snirky. Where you are a cross between funny nice mean and sarcastic mean mean. Snirky.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

*blink* -
1. To be really stunned or shocked or in complete disbelief. Usually accompanied with a slack jaw and surprised eyes. As well as (sometimes) the inability to speak.
ex. Customs guy: Sir, what are these furs doing here in your bag? Why are these shoes not worn yet? How much did this cost exactly?
George: *blink*

2. To be really innocent cute. Usually accompanied with a smirky little grin and happy flying hair. And maybe something pink. Maybe.
ex. Dexter: Deedee, why are you so cute?
Deedee: I don't know. *blink blink blink*

Monday, October 15, 2001

teevee - to describe what you are watching when you are more than watching the television. More appropriately describes the kind of watching television that only those who truly love, adore and hopelessly depend on television can do. To better understand see and