Friday, October 05, 2001

um uh oh

When you said something dumb and know you did and feel stupid but you want to look cute (and not stupid) you say this while ducking your head and blushing. And then maybe throw in a "teehee". Or a "d'oh". Season to taste.
snurr - the kind of sneer that just doesn't look right. When you're more laughing than sneering, and then you get busted laughing and the person you were mad at is now laughing at you and not with you, and, boy, do you feel dumb.
nowe - kind of like now-ish, only much more now. When you say "nowe" you really mean five minutes ago. Pronounced like it has a double -ee. Nowee. But spelled with one. Like Rob Lowe. Only don't say it like that, or people will think you're saying "no" or "know" and those two are confusing enough as it is.

Thursday, October 04, 2001

(Tab! Isn't it the most? Lee struck blog gold, yet again.)

Ok, now allow me a couple of phrases- then I'll be all about the single words from now on <3

lot vogue- Close to "really vogue" or "quite vogue", but much more vouge. This is an example of the lingo you'll be hearing on the streets a year from now. ex. "Rivers' glasses are lot vogue." You heard it here first.

total- Similar to "totally", but even more encompassing. The end all, be all. ex. Me: Damn, I'm swank. You: Oh, total.

that you- This one can vary. The exact context is up to the user. On one hand, it can be kind of like "that's you". ex. You: These pants are rad to the highest level. Me: That you. As in, those pants would adaquately suit your radness. OR- instead if "Hey, you!", you can say "That you!"... like "that dog" or "that Chicken McNugget". Really, this one is flexible and you'll just know when it sounds right.
I came up with this one with G. We laughed our asses off.

Purr - short for Perfect but meant to be much more cute and seductive. However, it can be applied to anything. usage: Much like that of *drool*. You can figure it out. alt. spellings: Perr or per (haven't worked out all the kinks quite yet)

G said that he knew a girl in France who used the word "perf" once. Short for perfect as well. We agreed that this (our version) was much much cooler.
this is the start of something truly beautiful. swank. dare i say LOT VOGUE?